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Free Yourself from Anxiety Using this Technique.

Freeing yourself from anxiety is about making minor changes to your thought process. It's not that difficult but takes some practice.

Usually, when you face things that make you anxious, your mind begins to play tricks on you. Your heart beat increases, you

Here's a technique that will help you cultivate a rational approach to dealing with your anxiety problems:

1) Make a list of all the things that make you anxious.

It could be darkness, people, germs etc.

2) Now explore each of these things one by one.

Let's say people make you anxious. Write down all the things about people that make you anxious. Are you worried that they will cheat you? Do any of their habits in particular make you anxious?

3) Dig Deeper

For example, people make you anxious because you fear they will cheat you. You have a hard time trusting them. Write down how many people in your life have cheated you so far. Also make a list of how many people you know who haven't. You can also include your acquaintances.

It doesn't matter which list is longer. The point is -if you have had people cheat you, you also have people who have been there for you.

4) Build a Mechanism to Deal With Your Anxiety:

Look at it practically. Understand that all people are not the same and all situations are also not the same. It is not possible to change someone else. It is easier for you to bring about changes in yourself.

It's true that you've been hurt. And now, you have to ensure that no situation or no person has the power to destroy you.

The amount of time that you spend drowned in anxiety can be put to better use.

So, if the same things happen again in life, you are strong enough & better-prepared to deal with them. And once you are not scared to face things with an open mind - not negative or positive but with an open mind, eventually, you will overpower your fears.

There are many tools you can use to deal with anxiety. Music therapy is one of them, then there are people who expose themselves to the same situations till they don't become immune to them. Do some research to see which tool suits you best.

Live anxiety-free...

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