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ADHD Counseling Support in Mumbai, India

ADHD Counseling With Music therapy Counseling For Children & Adults.

ADHD counseling with music therapy is suitable for both, adults and children.

Fastbrain Clinics conducted an experiment. It had 25 middle school students suffering from ADHD take part in the test. They had to solve as many problems as they could in 10 minutes. There were a total of 44 problems in the test.

The first round of the test got conducted without music.


In the absence of music, none of the kids performed well!


When the same test was conducted again but with music playing in the background, the kids began tapping their feet too, and nodding their heads from side to side. Billy Jean’s song “Happy Feet” played during the test.There was a brand new wave of energy in the air.

The Results of Round 2 with music: The results were what no one could have expected!


There was an improvement in the scores of every kid with an average increase of a whopping 38% in each kid’s score!


There was one kid who had gotten only 4 problems right and attempted 34 in round 1. In round 2 with the music playing, he got all 44 problems right!


While, the results of the kids on conventional ADHD treatment improved only by 25%.

ADHD does not mean you are broken. It just means you have different brain wiring which you need to understand.


ADHD Symptoms & Diagnosis:

Identifying ADHD  is easy. There is a need for ADHD therapyt when you observe the below mentioned symptoms in the child or adult.

  • Can’t focus, Always distracted, loses interest before finishing any task.

  • Can’t sit still- Runs away before you finish what you have to say when you talk to them.

  • Impatient- jumps from one task to another.

  • Not co-ordinated, disorganized and non-methodical- Can't prioritize their tasks well.

  • Runs away from work that feels tedious.

  • Make a lot of careless mistakes- detailed-oriented work is hard for them.

  • Keep talking continuously.


Most kids are hyperactive, full of energy and can’t sit still. That might not affect their performance at academics or at play. A child or adult suffering from ADHD is hyperactive to the point that their daily work gets hindered. All their energy renders no productive output. In such a situation,  it is necessary to avail proper ADHD treatment.

There are 3 types of Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD):


  • Can’t sit still,

  • too fidgety,

  • talks non-stop,

  • always moving about.


  • Can’t focus 

  • Find it hard to apply their mind to any task,

  • easily distracted.


Exhibit Symptoms of both, hyperactive and inattentive ADHD.

Benefits of Music Therapy in

ADHD Counseling Support for Kids and Adults:

Music Therapy Improves Focus.

The greatest challenge faced by anyone suffering from ADHD is the lack of focus. They find it almost next to impossible to focus.

When your mind moves at the speed of light, music therapy helps build focus through rhythm.


Using music to gain focus is much easier. With the ability to focus well, ADHD patients can be productive too- like normal people.


Music Increases the Levels of Dopamine in the Brain:

It has also been observed that ADHD patients have less amounts of dopamine in their brains. Dopamine is a naturally-produced “feel good” chemical secreted by your brain.


Music aids in improving the levels of dopamine in the brain by natural means.

Identify Your Skills Through Music Therapy

It is a common observation that children suffering from ADHD can be very creative. Singing and creating music aids them in understanding and harnessing their creative potential.

When they know what they do well, it becomes easy to focus on a few tasks. Prioritizing doesn't become a challenge.


Music Therapy Builds Confidence and Improves Social Skills:

Music therapy can improve their social and emotional behavior. It gives them the energy and support required to open up. It creates a comfortable environment for expressing themselves. things that they usually shied away from.

The rise in the levels of their self- confidence becomes visible after a few sessions.

The Advantagesof Using Music Therapy for ADHD Counseling are:

· Music Therapy is FUN & has no side-effects.


· Requires no prior experience in singing or playing music.


· Children in particular don’t get that feeling of being in therapy so they respond better.


· No medication is involved in music therapy ADHD treatment.


· Music therapy improves the confidence levels of the patient.


· Therapy is conducted in a comfortable & safe environment.

It can be hard to cope with ADHD patients but be as patient with them as you can. Most of the time, it must be frustrating enough for them to be unable to focus. Getting any sort of productive output from their efforts is a struggle for them.



It is important to avail help at the earliest. When an ADHD patient continues to face disappointment, their confidence levels keep dropping. There could be a tendency of them developing other complexes. In extremes, they might feel like complete failures in life.

Be strong for them and encourage them to do the best they can.


Because time & wasted energy is never going to come back.


P.S: Any information shared during the course of treatment will be treated as strictly confidential and will not be used without prior consent.

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