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Elderly/Geriatric Care in Mumbai, India 

Elderly/Geriatric Care In Mumbai With Music Therapy

Geriatric Care for elders using music therapy is a complimentary form of treatment given to seniors along with mainstream medication. Music therapy makes mainstream medication more effective. This is possible because of the healing benefits music has on our mind and body.


Most hospitals allow music therapists to attend to their in-house patients. Experiments have discovered that music is effective in providing therapeutic effects to patients.


A research paper stated that by the year 2025, 12% of India’s population will comprise of seniors. It is further estimated that by the year 2050, India will have a population of 324 million elderly people.


The Need for Elderly/Geriatric Care Counseling for Seniors:

Most elders experience health issues and stress in the later years of their lives. Besides health concerns, the elders also face different types of psychosocial problems. Though aging is a natural process, it might be a concern for some individuals and their families.

Most look forward to the golden days to spend with their families and grandchildren. Some look forward to their retirement years as living a carefree life. Others like the idea of having ample free time for hobbies.

While some seniors might dread the challenges of re-adjustment. 

  • Being unable to perform your everyday tasks because your body is not as supportive as it used to be, is not fun. Being dependent on someone else for sustenance is frustrating.

  • For some elders, surviving means battling various illnesses. Lying in bed all day does affect one’s mind and causes depression, Alzheimer’s disease, mood swings etc.

The support of a geriatric counselor eases this transition process.

Music therapy helps manage old-age concerns faced by seniors.


Aging Issues That Require Geriatric Care

  1. Medical Concerns that Require Geriatric Care:

At times, it becomes challenging for senior citizens to understand the difference between signs of normal aging and actual mental or physical problems. Research has proved that older people, even the healthy adults experience some kind of decline in the areas of:


  • Memory, both visual and verbal,

  • Ability to name objects,

  • Vision and hearing,

  • Strength,

  • Energy levels, and

  • Appetite


2. Mental health problems that Require Geriatric Care:

People in their golden years often experience decline in their mental health conditions. Some people, may get affected by dementia. This further leads to the development of conditions like depression, paranoia or anxiety. Mental health problems experienced by seniors include:


  • Anxiety,

  • Depression,

  • Sexual dysfunction,

  • Sleep-related issues, and

  • Behavioral concerns, such as aggression or verbal outbursts.

​3. Ageism:

elderly geriatric care in mumbai india

Ageism is the discrimination faced by seniors because of their age.

It may impact older adults and this is the reason because of which they experience issues, such as their near and dear one’s ignoring them, or people in their family or workplace showing disrespect towards them, or at times they are forced to take retirement so they can be replaced by younger staff.

Music Therapy for Elderly/Geriatric Care:

geriatric-senior care in mumbai india with music therapy

Age is just a Number.

Music Never had an Age...

At Music – a Holistic heal, I conduct music therapy sessions for seniors. These music therapy sessions help seniors cope with the issues of aging. These issues could be physical, psychological or environmental.


Music therapy for geriatric care involves the use of music based interventions that help them cope with the struggles of old age.


Music Therapy can be a viable solution to help senior citizens, who are facing the challenges of transitions to:

  • Manage their emotions,

  • Find new support systems, or

  • Discover new ways of relaxation.

  • Music therapy can help them deal with bereavement, at the loss of friends or family members.



Benefits of Music Therapy for Elderly/Geriatric Care:

  • Music therapy reduces mental stress.

  • Music encourages seniors to indulge in physical activities.

  • Music therapy provides motivational and emotional support to deal with the difficult side of old age. 

  • Music enhances both sides of the brain and improves its cognitive functioning.

  • Increases the levels of dopamine and serotonin in the brain,

  • Music revives memories of happy times.


In old age, when health does not remain so good, it is natural for your parents to feel depressed.


I'd received a  call a while ago from a senior lady whose husband was suffering from liver psoriasis. He had become foul from being bedridden. He used to throw stuff at anyone who entered his room. When I got there, his wife apologized to me in advance for the things he might do .


I had decided to be there for a couple of hours.

8 hours later, I was still there.

But the senior gentleman wasn't foul anymore. (as you can see).

He had a glow in his eyes. The change in his demeanor would make it hard for you to imagine that this person was grumpy and throwing  things at people.


Promoting Good Health for Senior Citizens through Geriatric Care

As the average age in India is rising, so older people are more likely to enter therapy.


​Supporting seniors through music therapy geriatric care;in making a smooth transition, may improve their mental health. What they need is:

  • family support,

  • a secure environment,

  • availability of geriatric care professionals,

  • adequate medical facilities,

  • compassionate care and

  • proper community support.


Myths portray seniors as frail, lonely, having cognitive impairments and an irritable attitude. These make people feel seniors shouldn't make decisions or live an independent life. But, many seniors live an independent life. They maintain their personalities though there is a slight decline in cognitive abilities.


So, let’s all join hands to create a beautiful world for our senior citizens. They have taught us the real meaning of life. Their experience can guide us through the challenges of the life of today.

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