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Music Therapist & Motivational Counselor in Mumbai, India: Roshan Mansukhani

Best music therapist & counselor in Mumbai, India for depression treatment, alcohol & drug addiction help, geriatric care, anxiety/trauma counseling, anger management.

Music Therapy workshops in Mumbai for corporate, schools & colleges.

Hi! I'm Roshan Mansukhani, a music therapist and motivational counselor in Mumbai, India.

My passion for music and helping people cope with their issues inspired me to create Music- A Holistic Heal.

Some years ago, my teenage daughter came home and told me about her friend's drug addiction problems. I invited him to come and play music with me on my DJ console.

A couple of sessions later, he spoke about his drug problem. He wanted to quit drugs because he realized music gave him the same high as drugs did. On completing 8 sessions of music therapy & counseling, he was drug free. 


After 18 years of doing event management,  I put everything on the back burner and began my journey as a music therapist.


Over the years, I have treated victims of depression, drug addiction, anger problems, low self-confidence and psychological issues. 


My services as a music therapist also extend to autistic children and senior patients requiring geriatric care.

In today's high-paced life each one of us carries a lot of burden in the form of abstract stress. I conduct music therapy workshops for corporates, schools, colleges & social clubs  to teach employees and students music-based stress management techniques.

In 2017, I was honored to receive the "Indian Achiever's Award" for my contributions as a music therapist & counselor.


I've Been A Guest Speaker At:

  • June 2017- Ted Ex EMWS Speaker on Music Therapy.

  • May 2018- Guest Speaker & Counselor on AIR FM Gold, Mumbai.

  • September 2018- Speaker at the IIT- Mumbai Tech Fest 2018

  • "Tatva 2018" presented by Lajja, hosted at, Sashmira College, Mumbai

Long-term Engagements:

  • Recognized by the Mumbai Police Narcotics Department and Oshiwara Police Station. My work involves giving awareness talks, weaning juveniles off substance abuse and treating depression.

  • In-house counselor for Thadomal Shahani College of Engineering.

About Roshan: Inner_about
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