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Anger Management Therapist in Mumbai, India

Channel your anger effectively with music therapy.

As an anger management therapist,  I use music therapy  which is an innovative concept that has been extremely effective on kids, adults, men, women and also on forensic offenders who have committed crimes due to anger and anger-related disorders. 

An experiment was conducted on Dutch forensic offenders to demonstrate the effectiveness of music therapy for anger management by Dr. Hakvoort in the year 2002.

Anger management with music therapy took much less time as compared to traditional therapy to get a breakthrough.

It was also observed that the patients found it comparatively easier to express themselves using music. 


Through music, these offenders were able to see through their situation much clearly, understand the flaws in their behavior and take the right steps to correct the same.


What is Anger?

Anger is an emotion just like love, happiness, sadness and joy are.


It can be a tricky emotion though.

  • If you keep anger bottled up inside for a long time- it causes health problems.

  • If you release it instantly- you will either hurt yourself or someone else.

Anger is Never Present Without a Reason.


It is usually an emotional response to feelings of:

  • Stress

  • Hurt

  • Fear

  • Frustration

  • Guilt

  • Inability to handle criticism  

  • Injustice.

  • Being judgemental towards someone or something.

It is also used as a defense mechanism when you feel threatened.

Anger is Just the Tip of the Iceberg












What Causes Your Anger to go Out of Control?

While it is perfectly normal for you to feel angry occasionally, being constantly exposed to the things that make you angry can cause a failure in you being able to deal with your angry in a healthy manner.

When situations or people become unbearable, it can lead to you erupting like a volcano.


When do You Need Anger Management Therapy?

Getting angry from time to time doesn’t mean you need anger management therapy.

Here are some symptoms that indicate you need to seek help from a professional anger management therapist to cope up with your anger problems:


So, you need anger management therapy when you:

  1. Feel extremely irritated all the time.

  2. Have explosive outbursts leading to reckless driving, breaking things around or road rage.

  3. Indulge in physical violence, like hitting someone, shouting loudly, banging doors or furniture, etc.

  4. Begin developing a constant desire to lash out physically or verbally.

  5. Get into trouble with the law.

While these are extreme situations, it would be a good idea to seek professional help the moment you feel it is getting difficult for you to cope with your anger. This might be the stitch in time that could save you nine.


How can music therapy help you solve your anger problems?

The first and most important thing that music therapy does is that it calms you down. You cannot solve your problems with a worked-up mind.

Music just doesn't calm your mind, it also lowers your blood pressure and normalizes your heart rate.

Once you are at ease, structured music is used to help you in identifying what the root cause of your anger is.

Music helps in identifying the reasons for your anger.


Music Calms Your Worked-up Mind


When you experience your anger in an environment that is well-controlled, you are much less likely to cause any harm.

These music therapy sessions are individualized. 

I structure the music to be used for your anger management therapy based on what will suit you as an individual and will make your angry outbursts easier to handle.

Confronting your anger issues and learning to deal with them using music therapy is much less threatening and not as difficult.

Music works like a lubricant. It makes the process of improving upon on your behavioral patterns much smoother.

Music therapy makes it easier for you to experience many more emotions, accept and express yourself with ease which usually takes a longer time in traditional therapy. This is why anger management with music therapy works much faster and more effectively to solve your anger problems.

Anger management with music therapy also has higher success rates and works well for all age groups.


What are the Ill-Effects Of 

Not Availing Timely Anger Management Therapy?

If you do not avail anger management therapy, it might lead to anxiety problems  later on.


This also has a negative impact on your physical body as it may lead to pain in your muscles, nausea, headaches etc. and you might also find it hard to perform your everyday routine tasks.


After lashing out your anger on someone, you usually experience feelings of guilt when you have calmed down. Also, angry people are alienated by everyone because they are scary to others. This guilt and lonliness can lead to depression. In extreme cases, it could also lead to suicidal tendencies.


Besides, you can weigh for yourself the costs of having an angry tone. It has cost many their most valued relationships, their jobs and a lot more.

While you can’t change situations and the people in your life who piss you off, you can definitely avail anger management therapy to learn how to control your responses, while dealing with them.

Harboring anger is like turning your mind to a garbage bin.

When you take the trash out, you empty space to fill in the good stuff.

Besides, if someone has succeeded in making you angry, they have won over you. Would you like for someone else to take the victory lap or should it be you?

P.S. - Anything you disclose during the course of treatment will be treated as strictly confidential and will not be shared with anybody without prior consent from you.

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