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Music Therapy in Mumbai, India: Testimonials

Music Therapy testimonials, endorsements & letters of appreciation.

To be able to make a difference in someone's life and be appreciated for it is the greatest gift. 

What People Say...

The Basic principle Of Roshan's Practice Is Perfect.

Said 59-year-old Suhas Gokhale, ex-senior police inspector, Anti Narcotics Cell, after meeting a few of Roshan's students who at that time, had been completely cured of their addiction problems.

 A Testimonial by Mrs. Maya Shahani, Chairperson of the Shahani Group

Sir Anoop Jalota endorses

Music: A Holistic Heal

A Testimonial By Dr. Rajesh Lalchandani, President Of The Bandra Khar Medical Association.

A Testimonial By Ria, whose stammering problem reduced as a result of her Music Therapy Sessions.

A Testimonial By Kavita, A Patient  Who Underwent Depression Treatment At Music: A Holistic Heal

A Testimonial By Ankita  who was depressed to the point where she was contemplating suicide.

"I was into MDMA earlier. I enjoyed it because it gave me a lot of energy. After my musical therapy sessions with Roshan, I started feeling a change; music gave me the same energy as the drug. The first change that came about during my sessions, was that I began to feel free mentally. Today, I have been clean for a year, and am currently playing football at the Barcelona Sports Academy in Andheri East. I still play music regularly as well."

16-year old Amit Sahini (name-changed), an MDMA addict and one of Roshan's students who was successful in over- coming his addiction:


"I was into meth for two months, and used to do it regularly. But after I took up music, the amount of meth I used to intake reduced drastically, and then I stopped doing it altogether. Music became my drug after that."

18-year-old Raj Shah (name-changed):


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