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Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation/ De-Addiction Treatment Center in Mumbai, India

Alcohol & Drug Rehab in Mumbai, India with Music Therapy Counseling.

De-addict with Music!

Alcohol & drug rehabilitation & de-addiction center in Mumbai, India that uses music therapy to treat alcohol & drug addiction. This drug & alcohol de-addiction program with music therapy does not require you to check in. You can continue living your regular life while you undergo the de-addiction process.


Drug and alcohol addiction has spread like an epidemic in India. An article  in the Indian Express stated that a vast majority of drug addicts are as low as 13 years of age.


Street dwellers and well-educated adults are both victims of drug & alcohol addiction. This is the extent to which alcohol & drug addiction is widespread in our country.


Looking for ways to cope with the struggles of life can lead you to the dark alleys of drug and alcohol addiction.


Ever feel the need to gulp down that glass of alcohol or smoke that blunt because it makes you feel better?

Because it helps you forget what you are dealing with...


It is not the heroin or cocaine that makes one an addict, it is the need to escape from a harsh reality.

- Shirley Anita Chisholm

Drugs & Alcohol : A Not So Effective Coping Mechanism.

Over a some time, you begin to lose your sense of reality.


The real risk here is that while intoxicated, you could behave like a different person.

You might act out in aggression or make attempts to hurt yourself or someone else.

In that high, sometimes you lose your sense of right and wrong.


With regular use of drugs & alcohol, you might find yourself:


  • Battling with health problems,

  • Dealing with impaired relationships with your friends and family, and

  • Facing potential issues at home or at work.

  • Your personality changes.

The problem with using drugs and alcohol as coping mechanisms is:


They change the way your brain works.

Drug & alcohol disturb the chemical balance of the brain. These chemicals help your mind to think, feel, create and make decisions.


You use drugs and alcohol because they make you feel better for a while. But once the high is gone, they leave you feeling worse!


You feel anxious and agitated, or flat, unmotivated, moody and very guilty.


When do You Need to Visit an Alcohol & Drug Rehab/ De-addiction Center?

People with drug addiction problems go to extensive lengths to hide their addiction. You need to check into an alcohol & drug rehab center when you notice the following symptoms:


· You have glassy or red eyes.


· Have begun to withdraw from friends and family.

· Feel irritable, depressed & get frequent mood swings.


· Begin demonstrating erratic behavior.


· Don't care much for personal hygiene.


· Experience changes in sleeping patterns


· Are left with a lack of interest in general and/or favorite activities.


Severe Symptoms of Alcohol & Drug Addiction Include:

  • Extreme paranoia that makes you believe people around you are going to harm you.

  • Hallucinations & Delusions.

  • Psychotic & violent behavior that can lead to harming yourself or others.

  • Seizures or coma.

Addicts Do Recover!

No One is Hopeless...

Music Therapy for Alcohol & Drug Rehabilitation/De-addiction Treatment.

Get a longer lasting HIGH- with Music!

The path to alcohol & drug addiction begins with the voluntary act of taking drugs. Over time, your ability to say no to them disappears. Due to the effects of long-term drug exposure, taking drugs becomes a necessity.

Through music therapy, it is possible to divert this "necessity" towards healthier options.

Choose Healthier Addictions...


Music therapy is about using structured music to enable healing from alcohol & drug addiction problems. What is unique about this music therapy is that it is done on a DJ console.


Testimonial: Alcohol & Drug Rehabilitation/De-addiction with Music Therapy - Mumbai, India

Dr Rajesh, President of the Bandra-Khar Medical Association, Mumbai.

Benefits of Alcohol & Drug Addiction Treatment with Music Therapy

  • Communicating with music is easy.

  • You can live your regular life during your music therapy treatment.

  • Music therapy treatment for alcohol & drug rehabilitation is conducted on a one-to-one basis.

  • Treatment is done in a homely atmosphere.

  • I don't prescribe any medication. Nor does music therapy interfere with any other medications you might be taking.

  • Rare chances of a relapse.


"The Basic Principle of Roshan's Practice is Perfect."

- Stated to Mid-Day by Ex-Senior Inspector Suhas Gokhale from the Mumbai Police Anti-Narcotics Cell Department. Senior Inspector Suhas had met with some kids who had been cured by Roshan's Music Therapy. 

After a lot of paperwork, I was empaneled on the Mumbai Police's panel of doctors who help wean juvenile addicts off drugs. I have participated in awareness talks conducted by Mumbai Police for breaking the social taboo against victims of substance abuse.

Alcohol & Drugs Are an Escape from Reality.


So Is Music


...Choose Music!


P.S. Anything you share during the course of your therapy will not be disclosed to anybody without prior consent from you.

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