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Stress Management in Mumbai, India with Music Therapy

De-stress with Music Therapy- Mumbai, India

Music therapy stress management at Andheri in Mumbai, India by music therapist & counselor- Roshan Mansukhani.

Music therapy stress management is not a new concept. Ancient civilizations have also used stress management techniques with music therapy to reduce the harmful effects of mental stress. Different independent scientific experiments have also proved the effectiveness of music therapy in stress management. 

Have you ever watched the pros in any field listen to music before they do begin any important task?

They do so to get into the groove. To focus. To feel calm.

Your life is an important task too!

Get into the groove, feel the rhythm, be focused & stay stress-free.


The Science Behind Stress Management with Music Therapy

There is a different type of music that speaks to each one of us. Music therapy stress management techniques use the music that you connect with.

There is a strong connect between our emotions & music.

The music to be used for therapy is structured keeping you in mind.

Music therapy structures music in a way that distracts you from stress & connects you to the rhythm of life.

Stress hampers the working of your body's immune system. That's why you fall sick often when you are stressed. Music therapy has a positive effect on the working of your immune system.

  • You begin understanding yourself better, your levels of self-confidence increase & you learn the art of facing each day with a state of calm.

  • Your physical health improves as music affects your physical well-being too.

What is Stress and Why does this Word Overpower Us?

Is stress natural?

Yes, it is!

You know how…

When you were born, you got introduced to a world filled with so many people around you. But you were innocent. As time went by, the society around you expected you to behave in a particular fashion. This included your parents too.


They were tough out of love and affection for you. Because they wanted to bring out the best in you. So, they taught you the basic etiquettes. They bought you branded clothing- all out of love and affection.


Then, your school life began. They expected you to get in the race of becoming the smartest kid in class. Through studies, sports etc. the word competition walked into your life.

Time went by and so the pressure in studies mounted. Now,  you had parallel expectations to deal with.

1) The need to be excellent in studies, so you get good jobs in the future.

2) The need to be prime and proper to make mom, dad, relatives and friends happy.


From then to today, stress has been a part of your life in many such ways.

There are instances when you want to scream out loud because you are either forced or emotionally blackmailed into doing something against your will.


There are moments when you feel like running away...

stress-management-in-mumbai-india-with-music therapy

How does low self-confidence develop?

There must have been a moment you said to yourself "Now what do I do? I need to make my parents happy so might as well do what they tell me".

“I don’t want to annoy them. After all, my parents have done so much to provide me with the best education and a good life. I am afraid to tell them what I really want.”

That is when you slipped into “the low self-confidence mode”.


Time goes by. You are in the space of doing what the world wants you to do. You become the acceptor and not the person you are. Eventually, you shy away from people. You avoid interacting with them and making too many friends. You develop a fear with the thought


“What if they don’t like my view or opinion? What if they laugh at me?”

Again, that is low self-confidence creeping in.


You were never born that way. You were born innocent and stress-free.

You were born to talk your heart out. But circumstances have drawn you to a cocoon of despair, staying alone and being a mere acceptor. This has further complicated the lives of so many people. Problems of depression, anxiety, drug & alcohol addiction are on the rise due to lack of healthy stress management.


But life is beautiful as it always was.

You do need to vent out, to talk to someone.

Someone who could hear you out without judging you like the world has been doing all these years.

Let’s talk and allow me to be that NON-JUDGMENTAL FRIEND of yours. Allow me to help you sail smooth and bridge the gap between you & your life.

As I said before, life is beautiful, it is us- people who complicate it. So let’s rewind and reboot ourselves.

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