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Teen Counseling in Mumbai, India With Music Therapy

Teen Counseling Therapy, Mumbai- Counseling for Young Adults

Music therapy teen counseling in Mumbai, India for troubled adolescents. I prescribe music as medicine. 

A decade ago, things weren't that difficult. You went to school, you came home, did your homework and went to play outside with the other kids or had a hobby.  There weren't many distractions like mobile phones to deal with & no social media. People lived a more content life because survival was dependent on the bare necessities of life. You didn't know what stress was till you didn't start working or got married. Competitions weren't cutthroat. They were healthy.


Besides the changes that a teen's physical body and mental make-up go through, teens today are exposed to a lot of stress- causing factors. The struggle of fitting in- peer pressure, over-exposure to crime, violence, social media, competition at school are some factors that have blown their levels of stress out of proportion. 


Life Can Be Simple. But Adolescence Isn't.



What is Teen Counseling?

Teen counseling helps adolescents and young adults with handling the changes they are going through, in terms of mind, body or lifestyle. Teen years are like a brief introduction to adulthood. Coping with expectations and the introduction of responsibilities has a different effect on every child. 


What your child experiences in the adolescent years, shapes them into the adults they become.

These experiences create their hopes, habits and fears. My counseling sessions are supported with music therapy to help anyone navigate through negative emotions and situations with ease. The aim is to bring their focus back to facing the realities of life with confidence and a smile on the faces.

When do Teens Need Counseling?

Here are some common teen problems for which counseling is usually recommended:

  •  Parents feel that their teen child's behavior has become oppositional and defiant.

  • Unable to focus on their studies or other activities.

  •  Experiences feelings of isolation.

  • Struggles with peer pressure and relationships.

  • Depression & Anxiety.

  • Gender role and sexual identity questioning.

  • Indulging in self-harm behaviors.

  • Stress management and life- shattering experiences of trauma.

  • Victims of child abuse.

  • Drug & Alcohol Addiction- Substance Abuse problems

  • Divorce/ separation of parents.


"I hate my parents", he said as they walked out for a bit. Vikram, (name changed for privacy) a 17-year-old boy had come to see me with his parents. 


I nodded in response and diverted the conversation. We spoke about music. While he played music on the DJ console, we related music with lifestyles.

Slowly, he opened up. He said he had never had a conversation with his parents. There was no communication with them. They were very strict. He said his father had never been there for him. He had no one to relate to.


His mother spoke to him about his studies, and that was it.

Since he was 7 years old, he had witnessed arguments in his house that had led to domestic violence. He was scared to talk to his parents. He had all the things that money can buy- smartphones to smart televisions. But he felt his own smartness was getting dissolved day by day.

That's when he went into a cocoon. His only vent was the virtual world which got him into bad company & substance abuse. Though Vikram is better now, it takes a lot for a child to say he hates his parents. 

No matter how good you are, at some point your kids are gonna have to create their own independence and think that Mom and Dad aren't cool, just to establish themselves. That's what adolescence is about. They're gonna go through that no matter what.


-Eddie Vedder

Music Therapy and Teen Counseling:

I talk to them as a friend. I don't judge. I introduce them to music. As they play music on the DJ console, they feel calm. As they begin relating to the music, they open up and talk about what's bothering them. How one responds to music is different. So, I structure music to suit the individual's needs.

Music therapy has a very personal approach to teen counseling.

  • Music therapy reduces the intensity of insecurities in the troubled teenager. It gives them the framework required to build confidence and face the realities of life instead of finding unhealthy ways of escapism.

  • Most teens avoid dealing with the conflicts within. This is because they get scared that what they find might isolate them from others.

  • Music therapy plays the role of a grounding or supporting factor. When you know you have unconditional support, you do not fear to make the right choices in life.

  • Music increases self-awareness. It makes you aware of your skills & abilities. When you know what to focus on, you make wiser choices in life.

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Teen Counseling, Mumbai: Testimonial

A stressed-out teen found it hard to share her problems with people she knew. She was scared that she would be judged by everyone. So, she came to me not knowing what to expect because music therapy was a very new concept for her. 

Here's what she had to say...

Counseling can be a safe space to address the thoughts, feelings, and emotions a parent and a child experience. Every individual in a family is different from the other. Counseling helps in finding common ground between parents and children so they can co-exist and communicate with each other peacefully by developing tolerance & respect for each other as individuals.


Give your teen child the support they need to shape into the amazing person they were born to be...

P.S.: Any information that is shared by you during the course of your sessions will be treated as strictly confidential and will not be shared without your consent.

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