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Trauma Counseling Therapy in Mumbai, India

Post-traumatic stress disorder treatment with music therapy.

trauma-counseling-in-mumbai-india-with-music therapist roshan mansukhani

Trauma Counseling with Music Therapy in Mumbai, India

Trauma Counseling- Post-traumatic stress disorder treatment with music therapy, increases the chances of a breakthrough for the trauma victim as music eases the pain and is effective in bring about a sense of calm inside them.

Trauma has been defined in the Oxford dictionary as ‘a deeply distressing or disturbing experience’

Trauma can be physical or psychological in nature.

Psychological trauma can be further explained, as a result of some life-shattering incident, leading the sufferer to question his/her beliefs.

It makes the person numb, socially alienated and develops a deep feeling of isolation. Trauma also makes the victim very vulnerable.


The degree of trauma varies from person to person. As trauma is the reaction of your mind to a troublesome experience, the response of each person varies.


Symptoms of Trauma: When do You Need Trauma Counseling?

The symptoms of trauma or PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) may last for a few days or a lifetime. In fact, symptoms may not surface immediately. Sometimes it may take days, months or even years before they are noticed.

Mild PTSD may go away with time but the severe ones, do require professional trauma counseling. The sooner you treat them better it is.


Common Symptoms of Psychological Trauma:

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms

  • Flashbacks of the traumatic experience

  • Feelings of anxiety.

  • Feelings of anger & resentment towards any person, the incident, everyone around, god or even with oneself.

  • Insomnia, due to nightmares or mental exhaustion.

  • Depression, leading to dark moods and even suicidal thoughts.

  • Stress-levels might increase, post the event

  • Emotional detachment

  • Loss of self-esteem

  • Self-medication, leading to alcohol or substance abuse.


Ignoring PTSD for a long time creates complex psychological issues in the victim. Hence, it's very important to seek timely trauma counseling.

Causes of Trauma

Incidents that lead to trauma are unexpected, sudden, beyond the control of the sufferer. They are outside the acceptable limits, in terms of physical, emotional or social suffering.


Let's delve into some examples of incidents which may lead to psychological trauma:

trauma-counseling-mumbai- causes of trauma
  • Accident - Accidents, like road accidents or accidentally harming someone, may turn out to be a traumatic incident, sometime even when the person is physically okay. To experience your near and dear ones go through the pain can leave traumatic feelings.

  • Abuse - This includes any kind of physical, emotional, sexual or even verbal abuse. Anything that violates an individual in some way can be called abuse. The trauma, in this case, may be the result of one-time abuse or recurring abuse over sometime.

  • Physical Injury or Disablement - Some injuries can leave you scarred, especially if it has long-term effects like chronic pains or physical disability. This kind of trauma may require a great deal of emotional support alongside, physical rehabilitation.

  • Catastrophic Events - This type of trauma is the result of natural calamities like earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanoes or disasters created by humans like bombings or wars. Such catastrophic events can leave life-long scars.

  • Terminal Illness or Bereavement - Being diagnosed with a terminal illness can be traumatic not just to the patient but also his/her near and dear ones. Similarly, experiencing the passing away of someone really close can leave a person emotionally distressed.

  • Violence - Violence can be very traumatic, especially, if it is meted out for an extended time. It can take an emotional toll, on not just the person experiencing it but also on someone, witnessing it from close quarters.

  • Substance or Drug Abuse - This one is very typical. Those who experience PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) struggle with substance abuse and those into substance abuse struggle with PTSD. So, it's  important to identify symptoms at the right time. Seek professional help to avoid falling into this loop.



From ALL that Happened to You!


-(Sebern Fisher)

Benefits of Music Therapy in Trauma Counseling

Music therapy creates a diversion from the chain of thoughts that cause the trauma victim so much misery.

Painful events playing over and over again in one's mind can be extremely torturesome. 

Once the victim is at ease, music therapy involves experiencing those traumatizing events in a secure & controlled environment. This helps in developing a coping mechanism for the victim.

The benefits of using music therapy for trauma counseling are that:

  • Music makes it easy for the trauma victim to open up and talk about how they feel. Music therapy is more effective than regular counseling or talk therapy.

  • Music therapy re-builds the trauma victim's self-confidence. Through music, they find the strength to accept things and move past them.

trauma-counseling-in-mumbai-india-with-music therapy

Whatever happened is in the past...

The past doesn't exist anymore.


And there's a bright future to look forward to...

trauma-counseling-mumbai-india-music-therapy heals trauma

P.S: Anything you share during the course of your therapy will be treated as strictly confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone without prior consent from you.

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