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Music Therapy Workshops For Corporates, Mumbai

Switch off for a bit to re-energize yourself!


Music therapy workshops for corporates with a new approach to increasing productivity and building better teams.

This music therapy workshop for corporate employees is designed to give each employee a music- based technique that they can use:

  •  To focus better,

  •  Feel energetic all the time and

  •  Be able to accept their colleagues for who they are.

  • To maintain good health.

Personality clashes and stress are the two factors that affect your organization's productivity levels the most.

In every corporation, people from different backgrounds come together to form teams. Each employee brings to the table, their own unique skill set. This is essential for getting the best possible results for the organization.


A clash of opinions is bound to happen at some stage between team members. This might have adverse effects on the productivity of your organization.

corporate-team-building-workshop-mumbai-india-with-musc therapy

With music therapy, it is possible to increase bonding and effective communication between team members.

Music therapy reduces stress levels by energizing both sides of your brain.

On an average, an employee spends more than 50% of their time at the workplace.


It is no secret that working in the corporate world can be demanding.


An aggressive work environment increases the stress levels of employees.


How an employee copes with the pressure varies from person to person. Some rise up to the challenge and perform even better while some crumble under the pressure.

Reduced levels of stress = Better employee health = Reduced Absenteeism

Enhance Your Productivity With Music Therapy

We have this habit of carrying a lot of emotional baggage around with us.


Had an argument before leaving for work, the grumpy mood comes to work with us.


When we face pressure at work, we take all the stress home with us.


This unnecessary emotional baggage doesn't let you focus on work. It reduces your productive output at the workplace. It takes away your peace when you are at home.


Music increases productivity levels.

Music Rejuvenates

Better Employee Health

Music improves analytic thinking & decision making.

Improved Work Culture

The music therapy workshop shows you how to get rid of emotional baggage so you can focus well & perform better.

Music Therapy Workshop at Cisco Vitage Systems, Mumbai.

Corporate-team-building-workshop-in-mumbai-india-at CISCO
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Our Approach...

Music Therapy Workshops for Corporates: What People Say...

Mr. Ajay Badrinath: CEO, Vitage Systems

Mr. Jayanth Gojer: CEO, ASPL 

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A 3- minute exercise that you can practise anytime, anywhere so you can come to work a 100% focused and leave for home stress-free.

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 In-house counselling services available.

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