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Alcohol & Drug Rehab in Mumbai with Music Therapy

Break free from the chains of drug and alcohol addiction with music therapy counseling!

De-addict with Music Therapy!

500 Terry Francois Street, San Francisco, CA 94158

Testimonial by Doctor  Rajesh Lalchandani,

President of the Bandra-Khar Medical Association

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Alcohol & Drug De-addiction Is Easy With Music Therapy

And Expressing Yourself is EASIER with Music Therapy.

  • This Therapy is Free Of any side effects. 


  • Music Therapy compliments any conventional form of treatment you are currently undergoing.

  • You can continue living your normal life while you are undergoing therapy.

  • Your Privacy is Ensured

  •  Music therapy sessions conducted on a one-to-one basis as the music to be used in therapy is structured specially for you.

  • Anything you share during your therapy sessions will be treated as confidential & will not be shared without prior consent from you.

  • Visible Results in 3 Sessions.


  • Music therapy for de-addiction is fun & conducted in a homely and non- threatening environment


  • Proven work about 20% faster than other forms of treatment.

  • Music therapy for de-addiction is fun & not as stressful.  Sessions are conducted in a homely and non- threatening environment.


  • Support can be extended to family members.


244,Shantivan C.H.S.

Andheri Link Road Extn,Oshiwara,

Andheri (West),Mumbai 400053




drug alcohol rehab mumbai

"The Basic Principle of Roshan's Practice is Perfect,"

said 59-year-old Suhas Gokhale, ex-senior police inspector, Anti Narcotics Cell, after meeting a few of Roshan's students who at that time, had been completely cured of their addiction problems.

(as stated to Mid Day)

Music therapy is recognized by the Mumbai Police Narcotics Department and Oshiwara Police Station. My work involves giving awareness talks & weaning juveniles off drug/ alcohol addiction and treating depression.


Addicts Can Recover: No One is Hopeless!

16-year old Amit Sahini (name-changed), an MDMA addict and one of Roshan's students who was successful in over coming his addiction:

"I was into MDMA earlier. I enjoyed it because it gave me a lot of energy. After my musical therapy sessions with Roshan, I started feeling a change; music gave me the same energy as the drug. The first change that came about during my sessions, was that I began to feel free mentally. Today, I have been clean for a year, and am currently playing football at the Barcelona Sports Academy in Andheri East. I still play music regularly as well."

Amit Sahini


18-year-old Raj Shah (name-changed):

"I was into meth for two months, and used to do it regularly. But after I took up music, my meth intake reduced drastically. Then, I stopped doing it altogether. Music became my drug after that."

Raj Shah


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Hi! I'm Roshan...

I have been working as a music therapist and counselor for over 8 years.

My expertise lies in helping people cope with their drug & alcohol addiction addiction problems with Music therapy counseling.

In 2017, I was honored to receive the Indian Achiever's Award for my music therapy counseling services. I've been a speaker at TedX EMWS, IIT- Mumbai Tech fest-2018 & Lajja-2018 by Sashmira College.

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