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Music Therapy FAQ's- Music Therapy in Mumbai, India

Music therapy counseling at Andheri West in Mumbai by music therapist & counselor Roshan Mansukhani.

Before you decide to seek treatment for depression, drug abuse or for any other reason, you must have a lot of questions going on in your mind. And so, I've put together the answers to some questions I get asked all the time. Please feel free to contact me if you have any further concerns. I'll be happy to help...

I have never spoken with anyone before. Isn't therapy for people who are weak?

Talking to another person often helps us see things from a different point of view. Looking at things from a different point of view can help solve your problems. If your life is so because you are stuck in a wrong pattern of thinking; a professional can help you see through your situation. And take steps in the right direction. Reaching out to someone else is more of a sign of strength than a weakness.

How different is talking to a therapist instead of talking to my best friend or family?

While talking to your best friend will make you feel better, a therapist will teach you what you need to know to live a better and happier life.


When you talk to a friend, the conversation is more focused on the both of you rather than on you. When you talk to a professional therapist, the focus is on you. A professional therapist has an unbiased approach. He/she will help you see what thought patterns have been working for you and what haven't. These insights help in recovery.

Does Music Therapy Work?

Music therapy has received recognition world over by mainstream medical science. Many popular hospitals allow music therapists to offer their services to recovering patients. They have observed that music has a positive effect on recovery. Most patients suffering from mental problems struggle to express themselves. Music is a great intervention. Through music, these patients can express their emotions in a way that does not cause harm to self or others. This is why I use a combination of counseling and music therapy to treat my patients.

As a concerned family member, what type of support should I offer?

As a concerned family member or friend, acknowledge and appreciate the patient for taking the decision to improve their situation. Support them whenever they feel low. Motivate them to keep doing things that have a positive effect on their recovery. Do not in any way look down upon them or isolate them unless they need their own space. During recovery, some patients can become a bit more sensitive. At times you might require a lot of patience to deal with the situation. So, do take time out for yourself to de-stress.

Will I be on any medication during the course of my treatment?

My treatment does not involve any medication. Music therapy does not interfere with any type of medication you currently might be on. 

Is there a permanent cure for depression?

Yes, there is!. 

Depression is a state of the mind. It can be cured easily through counseling and music therapy. While counseling helps you see through things clearly, music therapy provides the intervention required for adopting a healthier coping mechanism. This therapy is designed so that you don't face a situation of relapse. In case you do, you will be well equipped to find the strength inside you to deal with such situations.

Does this Treatment Have Any Side Effects?

My treatment has no side effects. After your music therapy session, you might feel self-confident and high on energy though..:)

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