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Child Psychologist & Counselor in Mumbai, India. 

Child Counseling in Mumbai, India with Music Therapy.

Child Counseling in Mumbai: Music Therapy For Kids.

Child psychologist & counselor in Mumbai, India who uses music therapy to help your child cope with their problems, recognize their talents, de-stress and focus on their studies. Music -A Holistic Heal, Mumbai, offers child psychological counseling services with music therapy because music makes therapy fun.


Music therapy manages to strike a chord with the most difficult children. There are no bad children. It's the circumstances they face which make them the way they are. Through music therapy, it is possible to help them chose the right things in life.

Being a kid is hard work too. At this young age, children have so much to deal with. The stress of education, peer pressure and both parents working. The virtual world also has quite an influence on their young minds.


How to Identify When your Child needs to see a Psychologist?

When your child shows signs of emotional or behavioral problems for more more than 2 weeks, seek help.

A professional child psychologist/ counselor will identify if it is a passing phase or the problem is deep-rooted.

Common symptoms that tell you your child might need to see a child psychologist.

When you observe your child:

1) Not eating well or eating in excess.

2) Is dull, depressed or has become too hyperactive.

3) Snaps on the smallest of things/throws frequent temper tantrums.

4) Back-answers.

5) Hides in his/her room.

6) Tries to cause self-harm.

7) Unable to concentrate or finish the simplest of tasks.

Do not ignore this behavior. Your child's problem requires attention. In case there is a family history of mental issues, it is crucial to ensure the child's well-being.

Besides education, there are other stress-causing factors.


Certain situations could be stressful for a child:

  • Separation or Divorce of parents

  • Changing school or home

  • The arrival of a new sibling

  • Witnessing violent acts like domestic violence.

  • Being subject to traumatizing events at a young age.


For children who can't relate to the world in which we live, music provides another world of experience & activity.

- Clive Robbins

Benefits of Child Counseling with Music Therapy:

Child psychological counseling with music therapy makes it easy for your child to talk about what is troubling them. As a child psychologist, I have discovered that music therapy does not stress the child any further. Music therapy creates a lively environment. I use a DJ console for music therapy sessions. Children feel excited when they see the console.

Their response is almost instant & very positive.

Music Therapy Helps your Child Cope with the Stress of Education

Competition at school has risen to the point of agony. Many couples plan babies keeping the school schedule in mind. Before the child takes his/her first breath their school life has gets planned. Most parents also decide on their child's career. Many parents expect them to achieve what they were not able to. It is quite possible that your child could have a different course in life.


Music Therapy Child Psychological Counseling, Mumbai- A Science Student Improves her Ability to Focus.

Radhika had come to me for child counseling. She had some troubles at home which made it hard for her to focus on her studies. She was under stress. Through music therapy counseling, I was able to help her in finding a coping mechanism for her problems. Music therapy helped her de-stress and improve her ability to focus so she could study better without being affected by things at home.

Music Therapy Helps Identify your Child's Skills.

Every parent wants their child to come first in class. But do all children have the same abilities? Some children are great at math, some at biology and some have better artistic skills.

Music therapy helps your child in identifying their own skills & talents.


Music Therapy Improves your Child's Social Abilities.

Many kids feel lonely because they are unable to communicate with other kids of their age. Music helps them overcome their shyness and create healthy friendships with other children.

Music Therapy Builds Your Child's Self- Confidence.

Music therapy gives your child a sense of grounding & emotional security. It identifies what causes their emotional & behavioral problems. And shows them how to cope with them. This builds their self-confidence.

As each child is different, music connects with them in a language they understand. Music therapy makes it easy for children to express themselves with confidence. 

child-counseling-mumbai-music-therapy-builds confidence

Music Bridges the Communication Gap Between Parents & Children.

Today, we live in nuclear families. In most households, both parents have to work to make ends meet. As a result, children spend a lot of time either by themselves or with hired help. The amount of time children and parents spend with each other has reduced.

We tend to spend more time with our mobile phones than we do with our kids. Children then feel ignored & keep to themselves.

It feels like strangers living in the same house. 

Music brings families closer & binds different individuals to form stronger bonds.

Through child counseling with music therapy,

  • You can find a way to accept your children for who they are.

  • You learn to teach them to compete with themselves & not get jealous of their peers.

  • Be friends with your child by finding common ground.

As a child psychologist & counselor, I feel it is important to provide children with a warm & friendly environment. One that makes it easier for kids to connect and relate.

As a parent, you are welcome to be as involved as you like. The insights you provide could be valuable.


One step in the right direction could improve your child's future.


It could give your child the confidence to lead a better life.

P.S : Any information shared during the course of therapy will be treated as strictly confidential

& will not be shared without prior consent from you.

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