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Counseling Psychologist in Mumbai, India

Psychological counseling by music therapist & certified counselor -Roshan Mansukhani, Mumbai, India.


Psychological Counseling with Music Therapy in Mumbai

Psychological counseling helps you with behavioral and relationship problems.


Counseling psychology is for people of all ages. Many emotional problems arise because of other issues a person faces. These other problems could be health concerns, lifestyle issues or troubles with people. 

As a psychologist & counselor, I help diagnose and assess the reasons for mental issues. With the help of music therapy, we find the best coping mechanism together. Music gives you the confidence to solve these problems and live a better life.

Problems Addressed by a Psychologist During Psychological Counseling:

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Who can Benefit from Psychological Counseling?

  • Clients served by counseling psychologists include:

    • Individuals

    • Groups, which include couples, families and organizations.

  • Counseling psychologists help individual clients of all ages, such as:


  • Counseling Psychologists also assist:

    • Groups, to improve relationships amongst individual members. For example, bridging the generation gap between students & teachers.

    • Organizations, businesses, companies or multi-nationals to help provide a work environment in which people can work together as a team. This enhances every individual’s ability to perform so that the overall productivity and efficiency of the whole setup can improve.

psychological-counseling-mumbai-india-for anger problems

The main issues addressed by a psychologist during psychological counseling are from developmental, cultural and environmental perspectives. They include, but are definitely, not limited to:

  • Relationship challenges which also include marital, and family issues or persistent issues relating to people, in general.

  • Personal or social adjustment challenges in things faced at school or at the workplace.

  • Life transitions from school to career to retirement.

  • Major decisions about career or work & organizational difficulties.

  • Learning curve and skill deficits.

  • Stress management and coping with life events that leave a negative impact on the mind.

  • Dealing with and adjusting to accidents, physical disabilities, disease or any kind of injury

  • Issues related to developing one’s own identity.

  • Mental disorders, of any kind.

The Brain is Built to Change in Response to Experience...

             -Richard Davidson

Psychological Counseling With Music Therapy.

Based in Mumbai, I offer psychological counseling services with music therapy. These help deal with psychological problems that may have arisen from other issues like depression, anxiety, stress, mental health disorders, drug or substance abuse or any other challenges. 

Most people who need psychological counseling find it hard to express themselves. They either shy away from people or behave in an awkward manner around others. Their emotional responses are different and might be hard for others to comprehend. 

Music therapy helps them in improving their communication skills. People communicate better through music. 

It is easier to develop social skills with music therapy. 

Music therapy makes you more aware of yourself. When you know your strengths & weaknesses, it becomes easy for you to strengthen your strengths & overcome your weaknesses. This improves your focus & self-confidence.


I use a DJ console for my psychological counseling music therapy sessions.

Psychological Counseling with Music Therapy- Testimonial

I've treated some unique cases - one was afraid to brush with toothpaste, a gentleman who couldn't tolerate loud noise, old unwell people who turned violent due to frustration, many were on the verge of committing suicide...

They've all gotten better- So Can You...

P.S.: Any information shared by you during the course of your therapy will be strictly treated as confidential and will be shared with prior permission from you.

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