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Music Therapy Workshops in Mumbai, India for Students & Teachers


A Music Therapy Workshop for Students & Teachers in Mumbai, India: Cope with Education Stress.

Music therapy workshops in Mumbai, India that aim to help students & teachers deal with the stress of education. The pressure to perform well at school has taken a severe toll on the minds of students. Competition and the pressure from parents can be difficult to cope with at this young age.


Reading news of students committing suicide has become a daily affair. It is heart-breaking to see the future of the nation feel so hopeless & helpless. Most of them have stated in suicide notes that they found it hard to cope with the stress of education. 

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Music therapy gives students the strength & confidence to face challenging situations. Music builds focus.

The Influence of Social Media

The influence of social media on young minds is comparable to a coin with two sides.


The good thing is that there are many sources of inspiration & avenues to display talent. Social media connects people. It is a great medium to keep in touch. Social media has also given a voice to people who struggle to express themselves.


But, the danger lies when people begin comparing their lives with others. The image most people portray on social media might or might not be true and children get easily influenced.

A while ago, I had conducted a music therapy workshop at a reputed college in Mumbai. A teacher told me that a student’s mobile had got confiscated. The teacher said to him that he could collect it tomorrow. And he replied "Madam I will die if I don't have my phone with me".

Shocking! Isn't it?

Many students suffer from social media addiction and don't realize it.

Music connects you to the real world & to the people around you.

The Rising Problem of Substance Abuse.

Substance abuse is a problem that has becomes so widespread in India. Evidence based research has revealed that children as old as 13-14 years have been taking drugs in India.


It begins with trying drugs & alcohol for fun and then turns to a full-blown addiction in most cases.

As a nation, we have to unite ourselves to stop our younger generation from treading on the path to destruction.

A school teacher in the US. makes his students write lyrics and create music to vent out emotions that can lead them towards self-harm and dangerous activities. These children came from very disturbed families. So say when they felt angry, they would compose rap lyrics about how they felt inside instead of doing drugs or joining gangs their neighborhoods were full of.


Through music therapy, students can learn to choose healthier addictions.

 The Generation Gap Between Students & Teachers

 That's when the question arises whether kids today are a lost generation which is beyond repair or is there a different way in which we can get through to them?

Today, it is easy to talk to someone who lives oceans away from us but sometimes we find ourselves struggling to talk to the person sitting right next to us. 


Children today feel that their opinion is not considered. That their voices get silenced by the elders including their teachers.


They feel they need to get respect as individuals; irrespective of their age. These are no longer those times where children obey without questioning. Half of them want to know why they should be doing something. The other half are too lost in the virtual world to care about what is going on.

On the other hand, teachers struggle to communicate with students.

This Music Therapy Workshop Bridges the Generation Gap between Students & Teachers.


Music Improves


This Music Therapy Workshop for Students & Teachers Aims To:

  • Bridge the communication gap between students and teachers.

  • Reduce education-related stress.

  • Increase the levels of self-confidence in students.

  • Help students in dealing with peer pressure.

  • Teach students to say no to harmful addictions & choose healthier options instead.

  • Encourage students to speak up in case they have a problem.

Download the brochure

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