Online Counselling

Online counseling is a way to get professional counselling from a distance. Though, one-o-one sessions are always advised but if you find it difficult to attend these sessions because of distance, lack of time or to maintain secrecy then its best to seek online help as avoiding your issues is never a solution. Now-a-days with the advent of technology its fast catching up with other means of counselling.

Roshan Mansukhani offers online counselling sessions for people in Mumbai, other parts of the country and anywhere in the world, through call or chat.

What is Online Counselling?

Counselling is a shared process between an individual and his/her counsellor that aims to help an individual overcome any form of life transitions, challenges or issues. The idea is to help a person cope up with day-to-day challenges, in a constructive manner and make his/her life more meaningful.

Online counselling is the same therapy, conducted via phone or video conferencing. This concept is well-accepted in the west, but is still struggling to find its feet in India but now more and more people are using the online services as it’s easily accessible, more discreet and causes less anxiety.

Issues that can be addressed via Online Counseling

Online Counseling can deal with a range of emotional and interpersonal issues, just like regular therapies. Let’s check some of them out to help you understand it better:

  1. Therapy for adult individuals - This involves individual online sessions and can focus on issues such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders sex-related issues, body-image issues, excessive thinking and any other emotional, behavioural or interpersonal problems.

  2. Marriage Counselling - It focuses on marital issues which arise as partners go through series of emotional and behavioural challenges as a result of being in a marital relationship. The counsellors work with the partners individually and together to address their concerns and facilitate an amicable resolution.

  3. Sex Counselling - The focus area here is improving sex life of an individual by working on the sexual difficulties that are arising due to psychological reasons. Since people find it difficult to open up about their sexual concerns, online counselling is a great way to address the issue and understand it in the right perspective.

  4. Therapy for Children -  Life of children is getting difficult in these modern times with several issues they face at home, school and with peers. Online counseling can help parents get an idea of what are the challenges faced by their children in these troubled times and enable them to work with them, to cope up with these issues.

  5. Therapy for Teens or Adolescents - Teenagers take to online therapy really well, as they already use internet a lot for exchange of ideas and thoughts. As everyone knows, adolescence is also an age of turmoil where little compassion and support can shape an individual and help them move in the right direction. The therapist may, or may not involve the parents during the sessions (with the permission of the adolescent) and can put to rest the anxieties and fears which are at peak in this age.

Premarital or Pre-nuptial Counselling - In this kind of counselling, focus is on issues and anxieties related to marriage and the changes it brings in each individual’s life. Understanding oneself and one’s partner better and having aligned goals and expectations can help in setting up love-filled nest which can enrich their lives forever.


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