Relationship Counselling

Relationships are the most meaningful aspect of our lives and can help us feel complete, in all possible ways. They are a source of love, happiness and fulfilment. In lot of cases, they take the shape of guidance, support, advice and emotional strength.

Why do we need Relationships?

Humans are social beings. We crave for human interactions and meaningful friendships. To a great extent, good relationships are just as important for our mental well-being, as food and water are for our survival. This explains why we long for healthy relationships.

Extensive research has proved that people with better relationships are likely to have fewer health problems and live longer, compared to those who have less social connections and are living a lonely life.

We need good relationships not just in our personal life but also at workplace. Good relationships with peers, subordinates and bosses, boosts productivity and can lead to career development. This ensures better quality of life.

Definition of a good relationship?

Though, all relationships are unique in their own way, but still there are certain common characteristics that can indicate a good or healthy relationship. Let’ check what are these:

  • Trust

  • Mutual respect

  • Strong communication

Relationship Issues and Counselling

In today’s fast-paced life healthy, supportive relationships don’t form automatically. They require great deal of time, energy and social skills.

Sometimes, these relationships break down, leaving people lonely, depressed and with low self-esteem. In other cases, these relationships may not be fulfilling, making people feel trapped, impacting their happiness and satisfaction levels. On the other hand, some people may be looking for close friendships or romantic relationships and are either not able to find them, or not able to retain them.

Let’s try to have a look at some of the common relationship issues:

  • Betrayals – This is the most common reason for relationship issues. Betrayal, whether it is to your spouse, a close friend, or a family member can destroy trust which is the essential element of a strong relationship. It can be the result of an affair, a hidden addiction or a financial secret. It could be very painful and may lead the relationship to the end of the road. However, with little help people can overcome pain and rebuild the lost trust.

  • Separation and divorce - Sometimes couples decide to separate or divorce without taking into account the ground realities. Separation counselling provides a platform to understand deeply the reasons for breakup and give the relationship a last chance. If it still fails then counselling help couples to get to an amicable closure and make a fresh positive start.

  • Pre-nuptial issues – In these changing times with lesser family involvement, couples at times, seek support and advice on how to prepare themselves, if they encounter difficulties in the future, or if the relationship fails. Pre-nuptial counselling can help couples to be aware of certain factors which can stress their life at different phases of their relationships. For example, birth of a child can really change equations between partners.

  • Family issues – Although our families are continuous source of support for us but at times relationships between family members get strained, causing everyone a great deal of pain. In most of the cases, it’s the lack of proper communication over a period of time which leads to such situations. Family counselling helps address these issues in a very conducive environment, allowing members to talk and listen to each other, in turn resolving their differences.

  • Cross-cultural relationships – Sometimes, relationships are formed between people from different cultural backgrounds without giving it a deep thought. In such situations at times, people are not able to adjust giving rise to issues. Couple counselling helps couples to understand each other's beliefs and value systems and blends their lives creating a healthy and happy atmosphere for them.

When is the right time to seek help?

Every relationship is unique and it has its own history and background. So, when you need help will truly depend upon the kind of issue you are facing and the kind of individuals you are.


The most important point to consider is, if you feel that your relationship is going down-hill and you are concerned about it and want it to work, but are unable to find a solution alone, then most likely you will benefit from counselling.


For some people, it may be the last straw to save their relationship. But many people, use counselling or therapy to sort out underlying concerns and keep their relationship in a happy and healthy state.



Conclusion: The issue can be anything, but help is available in the form counselling. In any of these situations, Relationship Counselor, Roshan Mansukhani based in Mumbai works with individuals and couples to understand their concerns and expectations and give them appropriate advice to deal with the situation.


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