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The young minds are reaching out.

Once again, today it was when young minds proved how receptive they are to #holistic approaches and more so to #musictherapy.

Ready and how to break the stigma of shying away, these minds well know that if any discomfort, they alone need to stand for themselves.

#mentalhealthawareness is tickling in at a decent pace where the realization of #speakingout is being taken seriously.

Today's talk was super as I was literally thanked by four students who actually gathered courage and said, that they needed help.

It all happened in just a 30 min talk. So imagine how deep-rooted this stigma is !

Time to stand for yourself.

Dear all young and old ,#help is here. All you need to do is take that first step and allow #musictherapy to help you sail, cope with courage to deal and overcome #anxiety #panicattacks #stress #anger #depression.

Always ready to help you.

Best regards,

Roshan Mansukhani.


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