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Why do Couples argue ?

A relationship doesn't mean it always has to be hunky dorry. Infact no relation is such. There is always some friction. Eventually that little friction builds up into a pattern as somethings of the past #triggers and then the talk heats into a quarrel and then notches into a heated argument. Do we need this? Spend most of our lifetime in such an atmosphere? A conversation always helps. But at times it's not easy to strike a conversation as there could be some cloud hovering which needs to be cleared. That's where you need to reach out and take help from someone who plays neutral and shall not judge. But what do we do? We either are ashamed or shy to speak about such personal matters. But friends, this can accumulate and then snap eventually. Talking to a #counselor and along with #musictherapy does wonders. Ball is in your court :) Always ready to help.


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